Business Administration and Law

Examples of short (3-5 weeks) courses for continuing education:

Business Administration 
  - Economic Control Instruments 
  - Management and Leadership 
  - International Business
  - Marketing

  - International Commercial Law

These courses are offered to students, who previously have studied business
and/or law.

The course Economic Control Instruments provides an introduction and overview of basic knowledge in accounting and finance.

Management and Leadership is a course that gives the students a basic under-standing of organizational behaviour and covers both theory and praxis in modern western organizations.

International Business gives the students an overview of global geographic and demographic differences, such as social-cultural differences, the structure of world Economy, international trade policies, international monetary and financial systems.

The course Marketing will provide the students with knowledge of marketing concepts and its successful implementation in a corporate setting and will help the students to apply marketing theory in actual situations.

International Commercial Law aims at providing the students with a fundamental knowledge of some important international contracts, principles and practices, and especially the interrelation between these rules.

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