Short programme for leaders within the educational system

This is a first draft for at suggestion for a two week programme for leaders within the educational system. Changes can of course be made, both concerning content and the order of the different events.

The idea is to create an interesting programme without making it too intense and stressful for the participants. The participants will get experiences outside the main topic for the programme, which we believe will contribute to an rewarding and educational programme.

Day 1
Welcome. Information about Sweden and the Swedish society.
Tour at Kristianstad University Campus. Welcome dinner.

Day 2
The history of our schools. How Swedish schools are govern today on a national, municipal and local level. Visit to the Castle of Wanås.

Day 3
Visit at a school in small groups (two participants at each school). Contact with the principal at the school. Evening bowling.

Day 4
Discussion concerning the educational visit at schools. Focus: students influence, democracy, pedagogical methods. Visit at a upper secondary school (age 16-19). Discussion with teachers.

Day 5
Individual visits at a school. Focus: remedial teachers role in the school.
Visit at a pre-school. Evening music.

Day 6
Tour in Skåne and Blekinge. Evening buffet.

Day 7
Racism and abusive special treatment.

Day 8
Visit at a school with many children from foreign countries with special needs. Equality.

Day 9
Information and communication technology. Information and practise.

Day 10
Assessments and grading.

Day 11
The education for teachers at Kristianstad University.

Day 12
Meetings with principals in smaller groups. Visit at the Kristianstad Museum.

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