Food and Meal Science

Kristianstad University has a long experience of coordinating and developing competence programs for professionals within the food sector. The interdisciplinary program Food and Meals Science, other training programs and highly qualified specialists have strengthened the university’s position as a centre of food in the region.

Examples of training programs for professionals working in the trade: 

Production Security
  - Food Hygiene 
Food handling, quality insurance, supervision and legislation are a part of the training, responding to agreements between the Swedish National Food Administration and several organisations in the trade.

Product security based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
How do you make a self-checking program based on HACCP? The goal for the training program is that the company or organisation should create a self-checking program. The training can be carried out for a special company or organisation or for several companies or organisations in the same trade.

Gastronomy, Food and Meal Science
  - Food, nutrition and health
The course shows how important the nutrition components of the meal are for the feeling of satisfaction, general capacity and health. You will learn how to transform your knowledge into well-balanced and attractive meals. We show how different components have an impact on meal habits and how the life-style in a 24-hour society has an effect on our bodies.

  - Food and meal – to create a total experience
Story telling with food.

Sensory testing as a tool in developing the product.
How can you, as a producer, create products with the “right profile”, demanded by the consumer? We give examples of tools and methods, which will help you to design products with specific qualities for specific groups of clients and for specific meal situations.

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