Environmental and Water Resource Management

We can provide short courses and commission training in the following areas

  • Water Management
  • Waste Management
  • Environmental Impact Assement
  • Basic Environmental Science
  • Environnmental Montoring Methodologies
  • Remediation Methodologies
  • Ecology
  • Limnology
  • Microbiology

We also give courses at advanced level:

Urban Waters Management (5 weeks)
Students acquire practical knowledge and experience in alternative methods to fast-conveyance drainage systems, where key principles in ecological stormwater management, both technical and ecological, are explored in real life situations.

Ecological Sanitation(5 weeks)
Students further their knowledge in urban sanitation systems where new solutions in the form of ‘ecological sanitation’ are explored, and the strengths and weaknesses of the different methods are discussed.

River Management and Restoration (10 weeks)
Students further their knowledge of key principles and concepts specific to river ecosystems approaches and acquire practical knowledge and experience relating to management of impacted running-water ecosystems, in agricultural, forested and urban environments.

Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring & Assessment (10 weeks)
Students acquire practical knowledge and experience relating to environmental health monitoring of natural aquatic ecosystems and the assessment of the technical and ecological performances of restored or constructed aquatic ecosystems (eg., stormwater systems, rootzone filters, lake, ponds, wetlands and streams).

Remediation of Contaminated Ecosystems (10 weeks)
Students acquire practical approaches in- and assessment of- methods based on chemical & microbial mediated processes used to remove pollutants from impacted humid soils and associated aquatic ecosystems.

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